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Original. Handmade Brilliance.

Above believes that every diamond including individual jewelry is a work of art in the form of a treasure waiting to meet the right owner like meeting a true partner

Above originated from a wholesale diamond shop in Ban Mo area. One of the oldest famous stores in Thailand for over 50 years, it specializes in selecting Ideal Cut diamonds that sparkle and shine. Which is a rare diamond and is in demand by collectors

Above Philosophy

Our standpoint Is the creation of a work of art that can be worn physically By communicating from a unique design Attention to detail of the work Special Gold Ingredients And revolutionizing the process of choosing all traditional diamonds But all of this We remain committed to delivering the love that we do to the wearer to experience it for himself. Which at this point will remain the same, unchanged.


In this path that we choose to walk Maybe we need to look back. In order to be able to move forward steadily Or in other words, Although we have a progressive idea of ​​creating simple, elegant work. But actually hidden with stories from the production process, which is a unique charm that handmade work can give you to pass the legend to future generations.


invention process at every step To maintain the unique and natural beauty of various materials


Providing Accurate Information

Providing accurate information to ensure buyer confidence This is an important point that makes Above the difference. At this point, we understand the buyer very well. Because it is difficult to buy a piece of diamond jewelry But finding someone who will be able to trust comfortably is even more difficult. We therefore disclose information and useful tips to buyers honestly through various writings. They are also happy to answer any questions or concerns about your investment portfolio without misrepresentation.

Above Lorem Ipsum

Above is the first and only private jeweler in Thailand that offers custom made diamond rings In a way that best suits the style and budget of the wearer. With genuine Belgian diamonds, specially selected and creating works by a team of skilled craftsmen who have more than 25 years of experience.

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Handcrafted Process

Wear our shared passion.

The meticulousness that Above offers is something that the wearer can experience for himself. With the craftsmanship of every piece

of the case Handmade the whole process By skilled teachers starting from setting the case gold, polishing, jewelry inlay, plating, varnish including the engraving of the name In order for the wearer to appreciate a special work of art that can always be used to adorn the dignity of the body

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Guarantee and After Sales Service

Every piece of our work will have a special gift.

Ring box, paper bag and warranty card which

covers a free polishing service within the first




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