Amazon to launch delivery sites in East Norriton and Conshohocken

Every mile counts when an Amazon package is on its way, but that last mile will soon make the biggest difference in our area. In, Inc. terms, East Norriton and Conshohocken will serve as crucial links in the company’s “last mile” efforts in getting packages from delivery stations to customers’ doorsteps.Both the East Norriton and Conshohocken locations will receive tractor-trailer loads of boxes and envelopes filled with merchandise that was loaded at Amazon fulfillment centers to be transferred into those famous vans that will carry them on their “last mile” to their destinations.


Between its seven new “last mile” delivery stations opening in the Philadelphia region this year, Amazon is promising to create more than 1,000 jobs while greasing the wheels of the delivery process.


Amazon Logistics’ new delivery stations will ultimately join the state’s seven existing delivery stations, with Amazon operating more than 250 delivery stations in the U.S.


Just as importantly for local business, the release explained that the delivery stations combined will empower more than 40 small businesses via Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner Program, creating hundreds of driver jobs.


Each of Amazon’s new delivery stations will be designed to meet the needs of the company’s electric delivery vehicles. Ranging from the physical layout to the electrical design, the release noted that the spaces will be optimized to offer flexibility and scale as Amazon moves closer toward putting 10,000 electric delivery vehicles on the road in 2022.


FES should also open more delivery stations to cater the growing needs of e-commerce and most importantly to effectively manage the entire fulfilment process. This is crucial in order to deliver the right goods in short time to boost customer ‘satisfaction.