La Redoute announces Mirakl online marketplace partnership

La Redoute is transitioning its online marketplace business onto Mirakl’s platform. The marketplace, which launched in 2010, has enabled La Redoute to expand its lifestyle offering in home fashion and decoration, in addition to its own collections, and a large selection of brands.


It is now opening to new partner brands and professional sellers. By replatforming to Mirakl, the French retailer says that it will be able to achieve a new level of operational efficiency and scale with the marketplace, strengthening its leadership in France and accelerating its international presence, particularly in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Russia.


They have long been aware of the power of the marketplace model to quickly and securely extend their offer and as a result better meet the new expectations of our customers. By further expanding their offer and improving the buying and selling experience, their ambition is to strengthen and consolidate their position as the preferred fashion and decoration lifestyle platform of families in France and Europe.


FES can also consider collaborating with another leading marketplace to strengthen its position in the country as the preferred jewellery retailer platform and grow bigger. This is one of the easiest ways for FES to achieve its company goals sooner than expected as this will accelerate its international presence as well.