Upmarket Edinburgh jeweller reveals new look after £3m renovation project

HAMILTON & Inches, the luxury Edinburgh jeweller, has revealed its long-awaited new showroom. The historic retailer, which has held a Royal Warrant for more than 120 years, has completed a £3 million refurbishment of its A-listed property on George Street during the pandemic.


The root and branch renovation of the five-storey building has transformed the jeweller’s workshop and service department and installed a new store front. Clad in Scottish Whinstone, the front rejuvenates Hamilton & Inches’ original design, with curved glass panels set in an antique bronze and jewellery displayed on a carved breccia marble plinth, topped in silk.


The focal point of the restored showroom is a hand-crafted silver Ginkgo leaf installation, which has been inserted above the diamond bar. Alma Leather supplied material for service desks located throughout the showroom, which now has a lifestyle area, where clients can shop and enjoy a coffee or glass of Champagne.


There are also VIP consultation rooms. The customer experience has been at the forefront of this project since inception. They incorporated residential elements into a retail environment to achieve an inviting and comfortable atmosphere whilst creating a memorable luxury experience.


FES should consider refurbishing its offline store to enhance customers in-store shopping experience and provide a lifestyle area, where clients can shop and enjoy a coffee as well as get an access to VIP consultation rooms. This will surely bring more VIP customers to FES retail shop