Neurala and IHI logistics & machinery partner to deliver first-of-its-kind AI in materials and logistics handling

Today, Neurala, the leader in vision AI software, announced a partnership with IHI Logistics & Machinery. Neurala’s vision AI software will be deployed to increase the effectiveness of optical character recognition (OCR) reading of package information by automatically identifying expiration dates, to ultimately reduce waste and relieve workers from mundane, repetitive tasks.


IHI Logistics & Machinery is a leading global provider of material handling and factory automation solutions, with a focus on the management of food packaging information and logistics process improvement specifically. Traditionally, food and perishable items come into the warehouse with a production and an expiration date, with these important dates scanned by human workers with handheld OCR terminals upon arrival. It is a tedious job, and when an OCR terminal misreads an expiration date, it results in the need for inspection by humans.


This also increases manufacturers’ costs and reduces profits. Neurala’s vision AI will improve OCR by automatically identifying a product’s expiration date, including validating where on the packaging the expiration date is located. It will also be able to verify that text on a box is the expiration date, as opposed to other numerical data such as the SKU or production date, if a series of dates is present.


This reduces the need for manual intervention when errors or misreads occur and ensures that only accurate data is passed back to the ERP system. By partnering with Neurala, IHI Logistics & Machinery are able to bolster their value to their customers, by dramatically increasing the speed and efficiency of material handling.


This level of automation is also extremely valuable, as it helps them do more with less – which is especially critical in a time when there are restrictions limiting the number of workers present on the warehouse floor. Neurala is on a mission to help manufacturers realize the benefits of vision AI by partnering with companies around the world who are leaders in their industry.


FES can consider collaborating with an Al software company to improve its warehouse operation and reduce the need for manual intervention where it may cause errors and misreads. This collaboration helps in ensuring accuracy, fast and efficient order processing which simultaneously improves customer buying experience.