Contentserv and OroCommerce team up to deliver dynamic B2B e-commerce experiences

Contentserv, the global Product Experience platform provider, announced today an integration with OroCommerce, the No.1 open-source B2B e-commerce platform trusted by global manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers.


Contentserv introduced a new OroCommerce connector that enables B2B merchants to create a frictionless end-to-end process for their product content and efficiently deliver unique and enticing buyer experiences across all OroCommerce-powered sales channels.


Different from selling to consumers, B2B selling is much more complex and requires a robust eCommerce stack that can accommodate the multi-layer buyer-seller relationships all while creating consistent and engaging experiences for all decision makers involved in B2B sales. Therefore, delivering accurate, up-to-date and rich product content has become essential to meet B2B buyers’ expectations.


Contentserv’s OroCommerce connector automatically transfers product categories, media assets, and rich product information from the Contentserv PIM to the OroCommerce platform, which provides comprehensive out-of-the-box B2B features and multi-storefront management capabilities, all from a single console.


The integration allows B2B merchants to rely on a central, reliable source of product information to onboard, manage and maintain products efficiently, accurately, and comprehensively. Through the OroCommerce Connector, multichannel B2B merchants can seamlessly feed their self-service e-commerce, B2B marketplace, customer or wholesale portals with compelling product content, improving the buyers’ experience and accelerating purchase decisions.


The newly released connector was the next logical step, enabling companies to quickly and easily connect OroCommerce as a best-in-class solution, and provide high-quality, up-to-date product information instantly to their customers while providing an outstanding product experience.



FES can consider connecting to OroCommerce once FES has started operating B2B business as they enable companies to get easily connected to their best-in-class solution and provide up-to-date product information based on FES business which would help FES in making the best decision and improve its offerings to customers