Agile digital marketing to drive mid-tier companies’ export growth

In anticipation of the global shift in business internationalisation, going from physical to increased online presence, the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) has rolled out the Digital Marketing Campaign pilot programme.


Matrade said the project-based learning initiative aims to increase local mid-tier companies’ (MTCs) digital marketing capabilities via social media platforms as a core element under the MTC Development Programme (MTCDP).


The introduction of the Digital Marketing Campaign element in the programme helps the participants in diversifying their internationalisation efforts and finding opportunities to overcome existing trade barriers – including physical restrictions due to the global pandemic, it said. 

Designed by Matrade and conducted in partnership with specialised digital marketing practitioners, the eight-week pilot programme consists of four key function areas: introducing and prioritising suitable digital marketing channels; learning and driving agile campaigns; boosting client conversion, and conducting scale-up efforts on marketing effectiveness. 


Additionally, the programme also enables participants to identify the right approach to social media marketing efforts for export sales, and subsequently launch at least one proactive campaign within their selected platform such as Facebook, Alibaba and LinkedIn, it said.


“More importantly, MTCs can acquire sustainable skills and develop a plan that would help them in their branding and marketing activities.


“Through effective techniques in creating the right content to fit the most suitable media channel, participants can increase traffic to their landing page and engage new customers, thus driving incremental sales in new or existing export markets,” added Matrade. 

Apart from that, participants will also benefit from one-on-one engagement sessions with market experts to co-create a digital marketing campaign and gain current insights on relevant topics, including digital marketing interventions and running an agile marketing campaign.


Launched in 2014, the MTCDP is an export development programme to facilitate MTCs in enhancing their export capabilities and global competitiveness.


To-date, 275 participants have completed the programme, generating an incremental export revenue of RM2.6 billion in 2019.


MTCs in Malaysia are defined as locally-owned companies with annual revenues of between RM20 million and RM500 million for companies in the services sector, and from RM50 million to RM500 million for companies in the manufacturing sector.


“MTCs play a vital role in driving exports, as MTCs and large companies represent at least 82.1 per cent of the nation’s exports in 2019,”