1.Excellent location
With its good reputation in the international trade industry and Thailand's superior geographical location, FES Trading Company has quickly gained the favor of customers from Britain, the United States and other countries. Thailand is strategically located at the center of the Indochina Peninsula-the world's largest economic growth market center so far, and it is also an important gateway to Asia and the Mekong sub-region. Trade channels with China, India and other Asian countries are also very convenient. In addition to its superior geographical advantages, Thailand is also one of the important member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. As the center of economic cooperation linking Southeast Asian countries, Thailand also has an important channel to this large market with 500 million consumer groups and sustained economic growth. In terms of economy, Thailand, with a population of 64 million, has maintained sustained and stable economic growth. In 2003, its GDP growth reached 6.7%, second only to China.

2.Policy Support of the Thai Government
Abundant natural resources and mature labor resources are the weight for Thailand’s economy to maintain growth, and it also accelerates the rapid development of the country’s industrial and commercial industries.

Complete infrastructure. Not only that, Thailand has established a sound investment infrastructure for foreign investors. Constantly improving modern transportation facilities, as well as developed communication and IT networks, provide investors with the best investment and living environment. The modern industrial zone provides investors with a comprehensive and mature supporting system and first-class services.

3. Manufacturer supply

Purchasing teams are stationed in Thailand and Myanmar all year round, go deep into the jade mining areas to purchase rough stones, control the quality at the source, and achieve from the raw stone-the manufacturer's processing-the consumer, reducing the intermediate multi-layer process, truly achieving high cost performance and making more Many consumers buy their beloved jade products at prices close to the origin.


4. The real object

All products and pictures are taken in kind under natural light, which are real scenes, real shots, and restore the authenticity and details of the baby. In the later stage, no adjustments are made to the parameters such as the contrast, brightness, and color of the photos, but the photos are simply cropped and background made to facilitate uploading to the website.


5. Insured delivery

The company cooperates with various purchasing teams, processing manufacturers and retailers, regardless of the value of high or low, all adopt insured delivery to ensure the safety of the mailing process. It can be delivered to the major first- and second-tier cities in Thailand in about one to two days, and it can be delivered to overseas countries in about 14 days during the epidemic, ensuring that the goods can be delivered to you safely.