• 39 years old and born in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • 10 years experience in selling trade jewelry product

  • Laid the foundations of FES by setting up logistics centers which the company has benefited 80%

  • Company operating departments at countries such as  Myanmar, Dali, Yunnan, the United States, and the United Kingdom


CEO Background Story

Iris was born on September 12, 1981 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, known as the Rose of Northern Thailand. In 2000, she studied at Columbia International University and merged with an MBA in international financial business management. She once worked as the deputy executive of a well-known jewelry brand on Wall Street Long, 10 years in the trade and jewelry industry. During her ten years in office, she has repeatedly achieved double capital growth and stable profit returns for employer brands. Iris also held important positions in a jade processing plant in Myanmar and successfully increased the company's performance by 50% for four consecutive quarters. With rich practical experience in product design, brand packaging, trade export, etc., she has witnessed the rapid development of the jewelry industry in the past few years and has become a more explosive business model combining the real economy and Internet marketing.

With years of experience immersed in the jewelry industry, she knew exactly what the market really needed, so Ms Iris decided to return to Thailand, using her many years of Wall Street connections and resources in Myanmar to formally establish FES Limited in 2015 The company also assumed the position of CEO. The first step after the establishment was to use Thailand's geographical advantages to help the company negotiate cross-border jewelry trade. At the time, not many logistics companies in Thailand were able to connect with European and American countries, mainly because of the incomprehensible English in the local education sense of Thailand, which made people in European and American countries unable to communicate, and the CEO’s English foundation became her Can quickly take a share in Thailand's logistics industry.


But this does not satisfy the CEO's dream. After the company laid a solid foundation in the logistics industry in 2016, she non-stop introduced the company's procurement team to Myanmar to find jade manufacturers that she had previously cooperated with, and she was bound to get the best for consumers It is clear that only by mastering the source of the product can the company bring the greatest profits. At that time, 80% of the company's profits benefited from the rapidly rising logistics industry.

The CEO's far-sighted vision allowed the company to quickly transform from a team of a few people to an existing company of forty or fifty people in just a few years. In Thailand, and in the present era, the people who can make money are those who can grasp and understand the trend. Locally, Myanmar, Dali, Yunnan, the United States, and the United Kingdom have company operating departments.


2017 is the year of the rise of the jade industry in Thailand. Whether it is Bangkok, Chiang Mai or even some remote tourist destinations, there are many large and small jade shops. The CEO saw the right time and put most of the company's resources in overseas markets from its original focus on returning to the local market, transforming into a wholesaler and providing sources of goods to local businesses. This move has made a lot of profits for the company.


In 2018, the CEO wanted to build her own Internet platform locally, but it hindered Dangdang Thailand's underdeveloped technology, which made it very difficult to build an online jade sales platform. . Until 2019, the CEO, relying on her frontline sense of smell, found that the local jade market was already in excess, and she began to build an Internet platform and set up the company's official website to expand the jade market.


In 2020, due to the epidemic, all borders in Thailand have been blocked. This has also caused many businesses that have always relied on tourists to close down due to poor capital turnover. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic also directly affected the company's development and overall plan. However, the CEO believes that "crisis is a business opportunity, and understanding the crisis can turn it into a business opportunity." When most companies choose to close their business, CEOs choose to expand their business and speed up their pace to move all products and businesses from offline to online, and refocus their focus on countries in Europe, America and Africa. But this time, she guided the company team to lobby the major jewelers everywhere in Thailand to move their offline business to the Internet. Only when the Internet is equipped to sell products, there is no need to worry about tourists. This year, she also established a five-year plan. It may be necessary to promote Thai local jade jewelers to the world during the economic recovery in the past few years, carry forward the processing technology, and become the first Thai new jade retail platform company.

2009 - 2012

Managed and supervised more than 50 employees in a jade processing plant in Myanmar, and successfully increased the company's performance by 50% for four consecutive quarters. . After working in the company for many years, she and her boss at the time had a certain evaluation of jade: people raise jade for three years, and jade raises people for life.


2013 - 2014

Seeing the slow rise of the Thai processing industry and the Internet, she decided to leave a company that paid her more than 10 million baht per year and chose to start her own business. After returning to Thailand, using her many years of experience in processing technology in Myanmar, she immediately started her first business there. However, contrary to expectations, Thailand's local market demand is not as she had imagined, but the overseas market demand. Xuan Gao failed in his first venture. This time the failure let her know that the market to be developed is not local in Thailand, or should be looked to overseas markets.



As the so-called failure is the mother of success, one failure does not completely extinguish her dream of starting a business. She spent a year to settle herself, reflect on herself, think about the next step, and start recruiting, and finally established FES ONE Co., Ltd. in 2015. ปนัดดาหวังสุข (Iris) is one of the founders and CEO.