FES was established in Thailand in 2015 to meet the growing demand for freight and logistics services from importers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa, Asia and other countries.


The FES management team has many years of rich professional experience in the freight and logistics industry. Before solving the problems by ourselves, we have dealt with all possible freight and logistics challenges on a global scale. With rich and diverse experience and confidence, our focus is to build a tailor-made company that suits the requirements of importers and let customers enjoy The benefits combine our experience and professionalism.


At present, FES provides comprehensive services in freight forwarding and logistics. The active participation of global freight partners covers Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other countries.


The company's future plan is to expand our business from the jade market to more different product areas. At present, the Thai government pays attention to it, and the priority areas for development include:

First of all, it is necessary to improve the professional quality and practice level of logistics practitioners, especially grassroots operators, and train a large number of skilled workers. At the same time, through the use of various tools and technologies, as well as the formulation of logistics professional standards and regulations, to assist logistics companies in determining the number of laborers suitable for themselves, it will help to improve business efficiency and alleviate rising labor costs. Relevant government departments and private enterprises must cooperate closely and jointly shoulder the long-term responsibility of cultivating talents and training labor in order to solve the long-term labor shortage problem in the logistics industry.


Second, promote the cooperation of 36 institutions and departments related to the issuance of certification documents, import and export licenses, and logistics service license procedures, accelerate the use of an all-electronic national single window system, and achieve information exchange. All agencies and departments should improve their internal related laws and regulations as soon as possible, reduce the tedious, repetitive procedures and operations in the import and export process, and realize the fully electronic process (Paper-free Transaction) as soon as possible.


The rapid growth of the company's logistics is attributed to the geographical location of Thailand, which has laid a good foundation for the company's development into a regional production center and cargo distribution center. In the past few years, Thailand has continued to develop transportation and logistics systems that are strategically located, and at the same time continue to improve the convenience of the business system to improve the country’s economic and commercial competitiveness and steadily improve the people’s living standards. The company has an in-depth understanding of the customs in the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia and other international markets in the early days, and connects the markets through our professional services. We can help customers develop their businesses and ensure the regular and timely supply of finished products and raw materials. Customers provide advice on the best freight and logistics options to reduce freight and logistics costs and shorten transit time.


Thanks to government policies and measures, including our well-trained and efficient operation team, we have been able to meet customer needs in a very fast manner and most effectively, so that customers are completely satisfied.