According to the company's cross-border trade services, new businesses must be added in order to expand the source of customers. In order to further develop new channels and profit growth space, complete the closed loop of the company's marketing system. According to the overall marketing strategy of the company, the company will develop a cross-border sales platform for jade and combine the marketing model of new retail. Through a two-pronged approach, the company must be able to occupy a place in the Southeast Asian cross-border trade platform within the next year, The plan to go public in the United States will be completed within this year.


2020-FES Jade online retail segment and new retail promotion model are officially launched and put into the market to ensure the fluency of the platform, increase platform access traffic and enhance the platform's reputation in the industry. In addition, the company will invest more money and time to establish an online customer service system and upgrade the offline logistics warehousing system to achieve a perfect O2O user experience.

200,000 active users.jpg


2021 — As the promotion of the new retail sector has brought in a certain amount of traffic to the platform, the focus will be on the conversion of visitors of our website to registered users, so that every visitor will become our consumer member. Secondly, online and offline business activities will also carry out online advertising, joint merchants, and manufacturers for offline promotion, with a target of attracting at least 200,000 active users



2022-Based on the promotion of the new retail model, after the platform users stabilize, the company will set up logistics distribution centers in major cities in more countries. Each distribution center can at least satisfy local users' "delivery service within one hour" ". The effect is close to the JD logistics experience, even faster. The preliminary concept of the area of ​​each logistics distribution center is 5,000 square meters, and it will be established in major cities in various countries such as Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, New York, London, and Accra, Ghana.

FES ONE wants to become a world-renowned jade brand and one of the top ten best-selling jade in the world, with sales outlets in more than 100 countries.

If you want to become a well-known jade brand in the world, you must do a good job in retailing and control your own retail channels, so you can directly contact customers and apply your brand magic to them. For example, all well-known jewelry brands in the world must have their own brand stores, that is, those stores located in the center of big cities, decorated with high-end atmosphere, very luxurious, and able to show their brand power.

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2023-As the saying goes, workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their best. The stable user conversion rate created by the platform under the new retail model and the upgrade of the offline logistics warehousing system in 2022 will attract more franchisees for the company At that time, FES will break out of Southeast Asia and move towards an international jade platform, absorbing 2 million active users worldwide.



2024-The FES company that combines Jade's "online platform promotion, offline store business activities, and new logistics and warehousing center" will occupy a place in the global cross-border trade platform jewelry industry. By then, FES will reach a plan to go public within 5 years, and lead all franchisees, users and partners to witness the birth of a brilliant dynasty.

The above is the plan that FES will reach within 5 years.