Our Appraisal Agency

National Inspection Gems Jewelry Testing Center

The National Inspection Center passed the inspection and testing qualification certification and obtained the qualification certification. Guangzhou Testing Center Qualification Certification Number: 201819013158, Zhenping County Sub-center Testing Qualification Certification Number: 191616040063, the inspection report and certificate data issued by the National Inspection Center have legal effects;

Quality Policy

National Inspection Gems Jewelry Testing Center

GB/T16552, GB/T16553, GB 11887, GB/T18043, and the National Inspection Center takes science, fairness, sincerity, and service as the quality policy;

The testing business is completely independent of manufacturers, merchants, consumers, and third-party authoritative certification testing agencies;

The National Inspection Center is equipped with sufficient resources. The equipment purchases large-scale testing instruments, infrared spectrometers, precious metal gold testers, and conventional jewelry and jade testing equipment;

Outstanding Performance

Meet the needs of external testing business; personnel with jewelry and jade testing capabilities have relevant quality inspector certificates, and the testing center team has outstanding technical capabilities;

Outstanding performance in the testing industry; National Inspection Center, able to accept, company and enterprise, e-commerce business testing, wechat business testing, live streaming merchant testing, jewelry entity merchant business testing, and personal testing services, etc.;