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Somsak Jewelry

Original. Handmade Brilliance.

"Somsak Jewelry" was established on April 14, 1974. It is 30-40 years ago, since Somsak learned the process of making jewelry since childhood. Because of this shopping mall in Ban Mo district Most of them have many skilled craftsmen.

Thus giving inspiration to run your own jewelry shop From the shop is not very big but relying on expertise and fine craftsmanship. Therefore it is not difficult to be satisfied Later expanded the factory business more Can do more variety of products Making it famous until now


N A D A G E M S was founded years 1994 with a team of Geologist and Gemologists who assistant keep giving advice to each customer while Shopping.

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Original. Handmade Brilliance.

Above believes that every diamond including individual jewelry is a work of art in the form of a treasure waiting to meet the right owner like meeting a true partner

Above originated from a wholesale diamond shop in Ban Mo area. One of the oldest famous stores in Thailand for over 50 years, it specializes in selecting Ideal Cut diamonds that sparkle and shine. Which is a rare diamond and is in demand by collectors