- Two blue sapphires are set in white gold and a halo of round
brilliant cut diamonds in these classic dangle earrings

- September’s birthstone (the sapphire) is said to be one of the
most sought after gemstones for the majority of human

- It represents qualities like sincerity, faithfulness and truth

- Earrings in the form of flowers from ancient times to the
present day enjoy the greatest popularity. They reflect
tenderness, youth, spiritual perfection, simple-mindedness,
and innocence – the main attributes of a woman’s character.
In addition, the earrings protect the woman from the influence
of any negative energy. In particular, bright shiny things take
on a negative, so when a woman has many ornaments – they
protect her beauty from evil eyes.



Diamond – 32 / 0.42 carat

Sapphire – 96 / 5.71 carat 

White Gold – 6.8 gram

Elegant White Gold Dangle Earrings with Sapphire & Diamonds