Fortune-FES Natural Glass Chalcedony Swan Pendant


Gem Code: FES1019


Theme: FES Natural Glass Chalcedony Swan Pendant


Main stone:6mm x 8mm Size:Width 14mm x height 22mm


Originated: Huikha Mine, Myanmar


Material: natural glass chalcedony


Weight: 1.5g


Colour: shine


Specialty: Exquisite white swan design, gentle jade pieces, simple shape


Introduction: Natural Glass Chalcedony Pendant, represent health, protection, purity, harmony. Long-term wearing can show the vitality of the body, actual objects are way more beautiful than photos. Good for gifts.  


Feature: The jade has been infused with quantum. The quantum energy can resonate with human bioelectric field when contact with human body, it will also restore human magnetic field to a healthy frequency, regulate the disordered cellular magnetic field frequency. It will help the blood flow reaches a healthy level and improve physical strength, relieve stress and improve blood circulation problem.

Fortune-FES Natural Glass Chalcedony Swan Pendant