Fortune-Five Blessings

Jade serial no: FES 1023


Theme: FES Jade bracelet

Main stone:10mm x 12mm x5

Originated: Myanmar

Material: Natural Chalcedony

Weight: 14.07g

Colour: Apple green

Specialty: Each is full of clear light, simple

and classic, and elegant



Natural chalcedony inlaid jade bracelet, represent health, protection, purity, harmony. Long-term wearing can show the vitality of the body, actual objects are way more beautiful than photos. Good for gifts.



The jade has been infused with quantum. The quantum energy can resonate with human bioelectric field when contact with human body, it will also restore human magnetic field to a healthy frequency, regulate the disordered cellular magnetic field frequency. It will help the blood flow reaches a healthy level and improve physical strength, relieve stress and improve blood circulation problem.

Fortune-Five Blessings