- This charming gold dimensional brooch pin have been made in the
form of detailed frog with Ruby eyes.

- Frogs play a prominent role in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.
They symbolize wealth and prosperity and are thought to bring
money and good fortune your way.

- Frogs symbolize alertness and readiness, as they always respond to
nature's timing. As frogs croak before the rains, they are considered
bringers of rain, cleansing, and fertility. The visible changes over the
course of their life (from tadpole to frog) make them symbolic of
change, adaptability, and rebirth

- This beautifully made Ruby eyed frog brooch pin would be a
wonderful addition to a collection of fine vintage jewelry.



Diamond – 100 / 1.4carat

Ruby – 2 / 0.11 carat

Jade – 1 / 6.47 carat

Gold – 10.7 gram