-Celebrate your love for one another with this classic, romantic
and passion filled pendant showcasing one heart shaped Ruby
with Diamond.

- The ruby is also the birthstone for July, and is said to symbolize
royalty, vitality, friendship, love, devotion, and happiness.

- Romantic connotations aside, the ruby is a beautiful, versatile
stone for anyone to wear. It is said to promote self-care in the
wearer and inspire confidence to tackle all aspects of life. The ruby
is often said to decrease anxiety and self-doubt. The ruby is a
gemstone that encourages the wearer to live fully and embrace
whatever happens. It allows the wearer to see their strength and
potential from the perspective of their own heart



Diamond – 27 / 0.90 carat

Ruby – 49 / 8.5 carat

Gold – 7.8 gram