-Long celebrated as regal stones, sapphires have been worn
by kings and queens in western cultures for centuries.
Traditionally, their vivid depths bore connotations of nobility,
truth and romance, and they were often exchanged as
symbols of union and faithfulness

- Sapphires are also believed to symbolize wisdom, virtue,
good fortune, and holiness for royals.

- Just like for diamond, the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color)
are also used to assess Sapphire. But they are applied very
differently to diamond where each of the 4 is equally
balanced. For Sapphire, color is all important. The color
intensity, tone and saturation are all factors that are
considered in measuring the quality of a Sapphire. Cut, clarity
and carat are also considered. But unlike for diamond,
inclusions can be present within a sapphire and it can still be
considered extremely valuable.



Diamond – 125 / 1.05 carat

Colour Sapphire – 4 / 2.40 carat

Gold – 9.3 gram