Wheel of Fortune (Women)


Jade serial no:FES1025(Women)


Theme: Natural chalcedony jade bracelet


Women Size:

  • 12mm, total of 16     Weight: about 37.36.86g
  • 10mm, total of 18     Weight: about 25.72.86g


Origin: Huika Mining area, Myanmar

Material: natural chalcedony

Colour: Natural black



Fortune - FES Jade Bracelet, represent health, protection, purity, harmony.

Long-term wearing can show the vitality of the body, actual objects are way more

beautiful than photos. Good for gifts.



The jade has been infused with quantum. The quantum energy can resonate with

human bioelectric field when contact with human body, it will also restore human

magnetic field to a healthy frequency, regulate the disordered cellular magnetic field

frequency. It will help the blood flow reaches a healthy level and improve physical

strength, relieve stress and improve blood circulation problem

Wheel of Fortune (Women)