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FES MALL Membership Agreement



This agreement is the contract concluded between you and FES MALL platform,it has the legal effect of the contract. Please read it carefully and be familiar with the following terms and conditions, please promise strictly abide by the provisions of this agreement.








The following terms and conditions of the proposed is applicable to agreement between FES MALL members and FES MALL platform, if you use the service indicates that you accept the following terms and conditions.If you don't accept all the terms and conditions or have any questions about the agreement, you should consult us.By completing the registration process, click on the "I agree" button, you agree to be bound by this agreement, the agreement takes effect.




This agreement terms and conditions have no termination date , as long as you use FES MALL platform service,this agreement will have a constraint on you, and is always valid.Then you can't claim this agreement is invalid, or request to cancel this agreement with the reason that you are not fully understand with the content of this agreement or you are misunderstanding of the term and condition as stated herein or any other reason that you are not fully aware on it. Should you have any enquiries or not being fully understand of the content as stated herein, kindly contact with our representative or our office for further information. As you have agree to accept the term and conditions as stated herein, please take note that FES MALL platform and the Company reserve the rights to modify the content of this agreement from time to time to suite with the current situation at the material time .




Of this agreement including all the text and FES MALL has issued or may release all kinds of rules in the future.All rules as an integral part of this agreement, and the agreement the body have the same legal effect.In addition to the clear statement separately,any FES MALL platform service and associated services provided by the company shall be bound by this agreement.




FES MALL shall have the right to change, upgrade, modify, limit or suspend a service or its related features,please focus on platform announcement on its own, without prior notice.FES MALL shall have the right to further introduce new features, and plate, applications, or other services.All the new features, functions, application, conditions, modification, upgrade and change are used in this agreement, unless otherwise specified.



FES MALL set all agreements, terms, and utility of the treaties or other legal documents, shall be governed by the law.






Users should be honesty to FES MALL registration information, the user agree to provide the registered information is true, accurate, complete, legal and effective, and of any change of user registration information, should be timely update the registered information.If the user to provide registration information is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, not exhaustive, users must therefore cause the corresponding responsibility and consequences, and FES MALL reserves the right to terminate user using this platform services.




Users must be at least 18 years of age have the legal capacity of the corresponding rights and capacity of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations, independently bear legal responsibility.When you complete the registration process or pass the consent of the other FES MALL platform method in actual use of this platform service, namely as you confirm you have legal subject qualification, can independently bear legal responsibility. All responsibility will be borne by you and your guardian,if because you have no legal qualification and cause losses. You are hereby indemnity the company against any loss if you are using fake document, false information, or misuse third party information to register with this platform.




You should be careful and reasonable storage, use your member name and password, deal with by your member name and password on the implementation of responsible behavior.Unless there is a law or judicial decision, and have the permission of the FES MALL platform, otherwise, the member name and password can not in any manner transfer, gift or inheritance the account right to any third party. Any account transfer or being misuse by any third party is deemed illegal and not allowed by the company.  




You set membership information shall not be infringement or alleged infringement of others' legitimate rights and interests.Otherwise, FES MALL shall have the right to terminate provide you with FES MALL platform service , cancel your account.




When you register successfully, you become a member of the FES MALL platform, you will hold FES MALL platform the number member name and password and other account information, you can change your password according to the regulations of this site.




User can not lend registered in this website account to others, otherwise the user shall bear the responsibility of the resulting in the parties, and are jointly and severally liable with the actual user.







User on this site to browse, order the activities such as shopping, sharing printing, involves the user's real name/contact name, address, telephone, email and other private information, this site will be kept strictly confidential. Unless authorized by users or otherwise provided by law, this website will not disclosed to the outside world of user privacy information.




To the members of different countries or regions, incentives, features and functions may be different.If there is no guarantee or representation considering the specific feature or function, is applicable to all the members will be.




Free services offered no deadline unless terminated according to the provisions of this agreement.




If you find any illegal use and may endanger the safety of your account, you must immediately notify, in a useful way for FES MALL suspend relevant services, and to report to the public security organ.Please understand FES MALL requires action on your request reasonable time,FES MALL will not take responsibility, before taking action (including but not limited to your any loss)








You agree to FES MALL for reasonable use of user information.




For the convenience of you use FES MALL platform service and FES MALL associated companies or other organizations (hereinafter referred to as the "other services"), you agree and authorize FES MALL put you in the process of registration, use FES MALL platform service provided, the formation of information to provide you with other services FES MALL associated companies or other organizations, or get you provide during registration, use other services, the formation of the information from other services FES MALL associated companies or other organizations.




Users agree that FES MALL can log on to enter the registered account user via the user registration information, the information such as user name, password, for preservation of evidence, and including but not limited to, notarization, witness, etc.



You understand and accept that FES MALL shall have the right to respond to the requirements of the national judicial, administrative and other departments, to provide you with FES MALL platform to fill out the registration information and transaction records and other necessary information.If you suspected to infringe others' intellectual property rights, the FES MALL shall have the right to the preliminary judgment of the presence of suspected of infringement, provide your identity information to the holder.




You agree that FES MALL can email, text messaging, telephone and other forms to register on this site, the shopping user, consignee to send the order information, such as promotion information.



5.Use standard



Use FES MALL platform service registration, members can release their purchase transactions ,query information and goods services,a deal intention and traded,to evaluate the other members, to participate in activities, print sharing and use of information service and other technical services.But on using FES MALL service process, you must agree to strictly abide by the following obligations:




Do not use this site is engaged in the commercial secrets, steal personal information, and other illegal and criminal activities;




You can not publish transfer or damage any state laws and regulations, social and information involving national security or public interests;




Do not take improper behaviors disrupt the normal order of online transactions.




Don't release discrimination on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age of information.



Don't evaluate other members in imaginary or distorted way, don't cheat other members, not release include libel, threat, or harass content information.




Don't release contains any pornography may be harmful to minors.




Don't release any infringement of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights of content.




Do not upload, post or share To interrupt, destroy or limit the function of any computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment computer viruses or any other computer code, files or program.




No FES MALL platform on any data for commercial use, including but not limited to any way such as copy, distribute data with FES MALL platform, without the prior written consent of FES MALL.Do not use any device, software or program intervention FES MALL platform's normal operation.




If you do not comply with the above provisions, you agree,the site has the right to make independent judgment and to suspend or close the user account, orders and other measures.



This site have the rights of delete station of do not conform to the legal policy or untrue information content without informing the user.




FES MALL shall have the right on the platform of the public you alleged violation or breach of contract and the measures taken by FES MALL has to you, if by the administrative and judicial organs of the effective legal documents to confirm you have illegal or tort, or FES MALL according to their own judgment, and think that your behavior suspected violation of the provisions of this agreement and/or rules or suspected violation of the provisions of the laws and regulations.




If you released on FES MALL platform of alleged illegal or alleged infringement of other legal rights or breach of this agreement and/or the rules of the information, FES MALL shall have the right to you shall be deleted without further notice, and in accordance with the provisions of the rules is punished.




If you suspected of violating the law or the provisions of this agreement, make FES MALL suffered any loss, or claim by any third party, or disciplined by any administrative department, you shall compensate FES MALL therefore losses and (or) of the expenses incurred, including reasonable attorneys' fees.




For alleged violation of promises you damage to any third party, you shall be independently bear all the legal responsibilities in its own name, and shall ensure that FES MALL from the resulting loss or increase the cost.




For you on FES MALL platform to implement actions, including your not on FES MALL platform implementation but have impact on FES MALL platform and user behavior, FES MALL shall have the right to unilaterally decide whether your behavior and the properties of constitutes a violation of this agreement and/or rules, and suspend or close the user account and other measures.








User feel free to choose any own favorable product which advertise in the platform website, however if the chosen product is currently out of stock, the company reserve its own rights to replace with another type of designable product to the user with the same value.




The system generate the order information is the computer information system according to you fill in the content of the automatically generated data, only is the contract offer you sent shop merchants; Store business after receiving your order information, the order of the goods from the warehouse actual sent you (marked by commodity outbound), as between you and merchants shop is actually the commodity contract relationship is established; If an order have variety of goods and shop merchants only sent a part of the goods for you, just between you and merchants shop goods sent you in the practice to establish the contract relationship.




In this shopping website platform users, please carefully confirm the name of the purchased goods, price, quantity, type, specification, size, etc. When you place an order, please complete you want to purchase quantity, price and payment, the consignee, contact information, shipping address, etc. If the registration information you provide is not legitimate, untrue, inaccurate, not exhaustive, users must therefore cause the corresponding responsibility and consequences, and FES MALL reserves the right to terminate the user use FES MALL services.



FES MALL associated company or shop merchants will send the goods to your specified shipping address. You understand this platform by prompt delivery time for reference, the actual delivery will be slightly different with the reference of time. Platform for managers and owners or its associated  shall not be responsible because can't deliver or delay in delivery and consignee reason is liable.Shipment of product will be ship directly from factory to Company and Company will responsible to deliver the product to customer by local shipment company and this process will take approximately 35 workings day to reach to the end customer.




FES MALL does not guarantee whether the products sold by the members on FES MALL platform can be sold. FES MALL will pay profit to the member if it is successfully sold, and any unsuccessful products will be sent back to the member.



6.6.If the product is reduced, damaged or lost due to natural or man-made disasters during product transportation, FES MALL will not bear any responsibility.




The final price of the product will be determine absolutely by the expert of FES Mall and once customer agree to purchase the said product, it hereby agree that the company reserve its own right to be the decision maker to determine the product value.




Each and every customer shall be entitled to one product for each registered account with FES Mall.



Company will deliver the product to the customer by local shipment company and company will not bear any responsible to replace or refund for any product missing or any uncontrollable disasters once the shipment is out from company. Delay in shipment is always not the company responsibility.







One copy of Indentity Card or passport of a same person only entitle to register 3 account with the platform or company.




The Company will allocate certain point for each and every transaction of purchase, company will release the point based on the term and condition of the redemption release.



In the event that user have the intention to become member of the company , please take note that membership is require for yearly renewal. In the event that member fail to renew their membership, the account shall be freeze by the company and all the point, voucher , membership benefit shall deemed burned and shall not been redeem.



In the event that the previous member intended to rejoin the company, they shall undergo a new registration proses .




The Company will allocate a point system to the member in the consequences that they have refer a new customer to the company and the new customer have successfully purchase one unit of the company product. Member can obtain further information regarding the point system from all of the company representative and both parties are in mutual covenant that the Company reserve the final absolute right and decision to modify the term and condition of the redemption plan.






You understand and accept that FES MALL not you shall bear the liability for compensation of any damage caused by the following any situation , including but not limited to, profits, goodwill, use, data loss or other intangible loss of damages: For any loss or damage (including direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, such as loss of income or profit, damage to computer system or data loss) caused by you or any person's use of the information on this website or the information linked by this website or other website information linked with this website, the liability (including but not limited to negligence liability) shall be borne by the user regardless of any reason (including but not limited to negligence.



When FES MALL receiving your complaints, notice or by the competent authority in accordance with the laws and regulations, have reasonable reason to think that a particular member and specific transaction possible major illegal or default, FES MALL may take corresponding measures in accordance with the contract or in accordance with the law.




This platform as you know, consultation, negotiation, trading places, due to the virtual nature of the Internet, FES MALL validate user information on the Internet is difficult, unless expressly written instructions, this platform not stores information published on this platform, content, materials, products and services and all obligations in the trading performance of the ability to make any form of guarantee, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations. So prompt you: should be careful to judge to determine the relevant goods and/or information authenticity, legitimacy and effectiveness.




Third-party use of your account or change your data without our consent is treat as your own responsibility.




Your misunderstanding on FES MALL platform service. All users involved in the operation, the rewards generated in the process of wholesale and retail are completely determined by the market, and the company is only responsible for custody and consignment. The company's platform is a platform for members to buy and sell freely. The company only provides the platform and does not provide other services. Shopping and consignment in the mall are personal acts. The company only supervises and manages. Any disputes arising therefrom shall be handled by members in private and the company does not handle any disputes!




FES MALL is not liable, due to the legal provisions of force majeure, normal maintenance of the equipment of information network, information network connection failure, computer, communications or other system failures, power failures, labor dispute, the productivity and production data is insufficient, the judicial administrative organs of the command or a third party not as and other causes of this platform can't control this platform can't service or delay, loss of data information, records, ,but FES MALL will assist in dealing with related matters.




Any other loss associated with FES MALL platform service, rather than because of FES MALL. The user's use of this website means that the user agrees to bear all the risks of browsing this website. The company will not be liable for any direct, relevant, consequential, indirect or monetary loss caused by the user's transaction or access to the data on this website.








FES MALL is the only owner of all rights or legal licensee allows to provide services. Service reflects the commercial secrets and intellectual property rights has global copyright protected by other laws. All title, ownership and intellectual property services by FES MALL or its affiliates. All rights under this agreement not statement, FES MALL hereby reserve.




FES MALL and related set of ICONS, the registered trademark belongs to FES ONE CO.,Ltd be applicable copyright, trademark and other exclusive rights to the protection of the law. Unauthorized reproduction, modification, use or publish the marks is strictly prohibited.






The content of this Agreement is to be govern by the law and jurisdiction of Thailand.



The Company hereby declare that the company and the platform authorization party will not bear any responsibility and consequences if registered member believe or ought to believe or participated in any program or information or details which is not officially release by the Company or its representative.  







With the acknowledgement of your acceptance towards the content of the whole agreement as stated as herein, it stated mutually hereby that the user / member/ customer of the platform and company shall hereby undertake to indemnify and keep company fully indemnified against all claims, demand, suits, penalties, fines and whatsoever arising.